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18 Fun and Engaging Springtime Activities for Preschoolers

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Spring is here, and with it comes seasonal activities that promise fun in the sun. This time of year, with its abundant sunshine and longer days, is the perfect chance to ignite preschoolers’ curiosity with art, science, and math. By using core childhood development techniques, you can turn playtime into an enriching learning experience

Here are 18 spring activities for preschoolers that promise to keep even the most distractible of toddlers engaged. 

Spring Art Activities

Art is an excellent way to engage motor skills and spark creativity. Of the dozens of springtime art projects activities for preschoolers, here are some of our favorites: 

1. Paint flowers

Collect spring flowers and lay them out on a sheet of paper. Gather painting supplies like brushes, paint, and canvas, and let your preschool create their own version of the flora.

2. Paint a birdhouse

Using a pre-built birdhouse, have your preschooler paint a themed home for their feathery friends. This project encourages artistic and scientific curiosity.

3. Make paper mache Easter eggs

Using a balloon, colored tissue paper, and glue, preschoolers can create a paper mache Easter egg in this hands-on, creative activity. 

4. Make DIY flower crowns

Collect seasonal flowers and weave them into flower crowns.

5. Make a petal collage 

Collages are fun and easy: Just collect some petals — real or silk — and let your child create a masterpiece. 

Spring Math Activities

Games that involve counting help build early math skills.

6. Sort and count flowers 

Grab some real or fake flowers, plastic bugs, and other spring-y items, then ask your preschooler to sort and arrange them by color, shape, or size. 

7. Count flower petals

Gather flowers and ask your child to count them. For an added brain-teaser, encourage them to sort flowers by the ones with the most petals to the ones with the fewest petals. 

Spring Science Activities

Scientific inquiry is an important part of child development. Below are some seasonal science activities that encourage learning by engaging with the natural world. 

8. Read a spring-themed science book

Spring is a great time to teach kids about the wonders of nature — especially if you’re able to read outside. Choose an age-appropriate book, be it a picture book or one with lots of text, and immerse yourself in the wonders of the season.  

9. Make flower garlands

Gather seasonal flowers and leaves and use them to make garlands. 

10. Learn about bees and pollination

Bees are vital to our planet and everyday life; read a book about them or watch them buzz about in a garden or a park. 

Spring Outdoor Activities

Stretch your legs after a long winter inside with the following outdoor activities: 

11. Create a garden sensory bin

Fill a bin with sand or soil, and toss in spring-themed items like plastic bugs and flowers, toddler-appropriate gardening tools, and more. Pretend to “garden” with your child. 

12. Plant seeds and flowers

Spring is a great time to teach preschoolers how to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and there’s no better way to get started than by planting seeds together. 

13. Take a nature walk

Nature walks inspire scientific inquiry, creativity, and exercise. Take a stroll through your neighborhood or visit a local park. 

14. Build a fairy garden

Building a fairy garden — a wild space that inspires creativity and wonder — is as simple as adding colorful decorations, like painted rocks and birdhouses, to a patch of grass. 

15. Organize a spring scavenger hunt

Collect photos of spring-themed animals and objects. Help your child identify what he or she sees, then go outside and find the real versions. 

Spring-Themed Snacks

Toddlers and Preschoolers aren’t too young to learn basic cooking skills, and spring is a great time to teach them about simple, healthy snacks.

16. Make yellow popsicles

Mix yogurt and yellow food coloring in popsicle molds, then freeze. Add chunks of mango, peach, or orange. 

17. Create an “egg in a nest”

The only ingredients needed for this fun, photogenic springtime snack are eggs, bread, and butter. 

18. Arrange a rainbow fruit platter

Chop up fruits like blackberries, blueberries, melon, mango, strawberries, and the like, then organize by color until you’ve achieved a “rainbow.”

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