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Fool-Proof Ways to Teach Your Child About Self-Care

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Self-care is more than just a buzzword or a social media trend, it is a key ingredient for a happy and healthy life. It is also a habit that shouldn’t be left until our teenage or adult years to learn about. As a parent, you should be making sure that you provide your child with the tools they need to practice self-care successfully as they grow. 

Early learning activities that are practiced at home, as well as in school settings, teach your child the importance of putting their physical and mental needs first. And, provide them with the skills to become confident and independent individuals. 

Children Need Me-Time Too

Young children experience stressors just like adults do and these stressors can take their toll on the wellbeing of your child if they are not equipped to deal with them properly. 

Simple things such as a shift in a daily routine or learning a new skill can be all that it takes to cause your kids to feel overwhelmed. Parents, especially when in a hurry, can often instinctively do a task for a child. But, this isn’t beneficial for helping them build a good self-care habit. 

Cultivating the habit of self-care with your children should be about helping them to identify their physical needs and teaching them how to begin taking care of those needs. This can range from showing them how to use cutlery and utensils properly so they can feed themselves or showing them how to brush their teeth properly. It can even be giving a few words of encouragement when they are stuck on a puzzle or maths question. 

When a child is given those me moments that allow them to take care of their needs by themselves it fosters a sense of confidence, independence, and joy. And, at the end of the day, that’s what self-care is all about. 

Fool-Proof Early Learning Activities to Teach Your Child About Self-Care

Teaching your child how to take care of themselves both physically and mentally can easily be done on a regular basis at home with the help of some early learning activities. Encouraging healthy habits on a daily basis is the best way to instill the practice of self-care and to ensure that it is something your child will continue as they grow. 

Here are some of easiest and fool-proof ways to teach your child about self-care as part of early learning:

Teach them how to take care of their bodies – Physical health is a core part of self care. It is important to encourage your child to take part in exercise and to move their body in order to take care of both their bodies and mind. Try activities such as:

  • Playing catch or a sport
  • Going for a walk
  • Do stretches together
  • Washing hands
  • Getting dressed and undressed
  • Brushing their hair and teeth

Teach them how to nourish their mind and imagination – Spending too much time on screens isn’t beneficial for anybody. Make sure to teach your child how important it is to step away from digital devices and toys by doing activities that promote mindfulness such as yoga, deep breathing, drawing or guided imagery.

Teach them how to relax – Just like adults like to have some downtime after a long day of work by lighting candles or making a nice meal, young children need it too. There are many early learning activities that will help your child understand the importance of relaxing. Cuddling with a stuffed animal, listening to relaxing music, having a cup of hot chocolate and having a bath are all ways to teach your child about taking time for themselves.

The Importance of Focusing on Child Mental Health

Good child mental health allows children to hit those child development milestones such as being able to think clearly, socialize well with others and learn new skills. As parents, it is easy to be able to recognize your child’s physical needs but identifying their mental ones can be much harder, especially if they are too young to put their emotions into words.

Prioritizing self-care and instilling this good habit in your children from a young age is the best way to ensure that your child’s mental health is being looked after. Not only will it benefit them right now but it will equip them with the skills they need to look after themselves when they are older. 

Here at Vivvi, we are here to support parents along the journey of teaching their children about self-care. Our Learning Model is designed specifically to stimulate the physical and mental needs of your child depending on what age they are. Whether as part of our in-home service or on our Vivvi campuses, we ensure that self-care is an integral part of your child’s life. 

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