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Vivvi provides child care and early learning for today’s families. Our New York campuses align the exceptional quality families deserve with the flexibility they need. We also partner with employers of all sizes to make exceptional full-time, part-time and backup care more accessible and affordable for working parents.

Vivvi is the best of both worlds! We believe that working parents shouldn’t have to choose between child care and early learning. Vivvi combines that convenience of a child care center—with rolling admissions, extended hours (7am-7pm) and flexible enrollment options—with a world-class learning program, featuring an inquiry-based curriculum and passionate, knowledgeable teachers.

We ask that families provide lunch for their children. Vivvi will provide healthy, seasonal snacks throughout the day based on our weekly snack schedule. Because we are open from 7AM to 7PM, if you have an early drop off or late pick up, we ask that you think about packing breakfast or dinner as well.

Upon arrival, our teachers do daily health checks to monitor any marks, bruises, fevers and other sickly symptoms. If a symptom arises during the day (i.e. fever, multiple instances of projectile vomit or diarrhea), we immediately call the parents for pick up. All children must be symptom free for at least 24 hours before they return to school.

There is no age limit for potty training. We follow you and your child’s cues and can work with you to support their transition.

Vivvi offers 2, 3 and 5 day schedules, and is open every weekday 7am-7pm with flexible dropoff and pickup times. The 5 day schedule is offered Monday - Friday, and the 2 and 3 day schedule options vary by campus. Reach out to us at for specific questions.

Your child is not required to stay the whole day. While we do not offer half-day schedules, you are welcome to pick up and drop off your child whenever is convenient for you within our opening hours, 7am-7pm. If this is, for example, a 9AM drop off and 1 PM pick up, that is certainly OK.

Children in the infant room sleep on their own schedule. Children in the toddler classrooms move to a one-nap schedule, however this is a transition that may happen slowly and in line with your individual child’s development. Children in the preschool classrooms also have a one-nap schedule, but are not required to sleep during that time.

Our stroller storage is extremely limited and varies campus to campus. Those campuses that have space can only accept a true umbrella stroller for indoor storage and will be stored on a first-come basis.

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