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15 Adorable Father’s Day Activities for Toddlers

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With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s a fun time to get your toddler involved in the celebrations and show love for their dad. Here are some fun ideas for age-appropriate gifts your child can make, and activities that dad and your son or daughter can share together this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

It’s always so special to be given a gift from your child that was made specifically for you. There are tons of ways to get your toddler involved in Father’s Day arts and crafts. Some of these craft activities can get a little messy, but always fun!

Salt dough magnets: This one is so adorable and can turn out looking a lot more expensive than it is. The ingredients are simple, just salt, flour, and water! Your toddler can help you shape the doe, stamp their hand into it, or with some help they can spell dad. When baked and cooled you have the option to paint the piece, glue on a magnet, and complete with a gloss seal. Check out the full instructions for the salt dough magnets, kids will love it!

Paint a birdhouse: Most dollar and craft stores typically carry a selection of pre-made wooden crafts all ready to paint. You can choose a birdhouse or anything else that screams ‘dad’ and let your toddler paint it. This is a great way to get them involved and give dad something he can hang in the yard forever. 

Scrabble photo frame: This one is super easy and is something dad will cherish forever! All you need are scrabble pieces or any type of lettering you’d like, hot glue, and finished! For a way to get your toddler more hands-on with the gift, you can frame their finger art instead of using a photo. Pinterest is full of great examples for frames decorated with scrabble pieces.

Daddy date jar: This is a fun way for a toddler to promise different memories with dad. You can use anything from little notes, popsicle sticks, or even lego pieces to write activity ideas on. Store the ideas in a box or mason jar that dad can pick from each week. These activities can be anything from a picnic, a movie, or even a bedtime story.

Framed finger painting: Whether your child is still finger painting or if they have graduated to a paintbrush you can do this mess-free. Toddler art is a beautiful Father’s Day gift that dad can proudly display at home or the office.

Painted rock paperweight: Find a smooth rock out in the garden and let your toddler paint it however they see fit. Once it dries you can neatly print ‘My Dad Rocks’ for an added cute pun. This one is super easy to do with little ones as they can feel free to get a little messy.

Father’s Day Activities for Toddlers

A gift to dad doesn’t always have to be a physical item, especially when the kids are still little. Sometimes the best thing to gift a dad on Father’s Day is a memory or a simple day for him to relax.

Family outing: Take dad out on a hike or a long walk. If the toddler still likes being worn in a carrier then let dad carry. This is a perfect, covid friendly, activity that gets your toddler involved in celebrating Father’s Day while they’re still small.

Staycation: Have a cozy weekend at home. Sometimes all dad wants is to relax all weekend and enjoy family time. Order takeout, watch a movie with the baby and enjoy lots of play and cuddle time.

Baking: What dad doesn’t love to eat homemade baked goods? Dad can get in on the fun and bake with the toddler or can be surprised with some goodies that the baby helped with.

Breakfast in bed: This is another great way to get your toddler involved in the kitchen. Let dad sleep in and spend the morning baking his favorite breakfast with the little one. Cartoons, coffee, and breakfast in bed might make for the perfect Father’s Day.

Backyard games: If the weather is warm then you can make a day of it and enjoy your backyard or park close by. You can play different lawn games like cornhole so the toddler can be involved, bbq some lunch and enjoy time as a family.

Camping (real or fake): Some fathers might be itching to get out into nature and teach the little one all about the outdoors. However, camping in the backyard can be just as fun too! Set up the tent, get cozy with lots of blankets and pillows, and eat dad’s favorite camping snacks.

Treat Dad to His Favorite Things

Sometimes busy dads don’t get to enjoy the things they used to. Father’s Day is the perfect day to allow him to indulge in the things he loves.

Order from his favorite restaurant: With many restaurants having to shut down over the last year it might have been a while since dad got to enjoy his favorite restaurant. Maybe wait until the kids have gone to bed and let him enjoy his food nice and relaxed with a mini date night.

A day away to play golf: Gift dad a day off from parent duties and send him to the golf course with a couple of good pals. A day with friends to get some sun and enjoy some laughs could mean a lot to a busy father.

Care package: This could be a basket full of his favorite snacks, or apparel to just say thanks for being an awesome dad. The kids can make some of the crafts listed above to put into the package as well for that added touch.

No matter what you decide to do this Father’s Day the most important thing is to ensure dad feels loved and appreciated. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

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