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Working Moms & The Benefits of Child Care During COVID-19

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The numbers are startling: of the 4.5 million American women unemployed in 2020, roughly one-third left the workforce because of child care demands. And mothers who remain in the workforce spend 15 hours more a week on caregiving, compared to their partners. 

There’s nothing more stressful for working parents than having to worry about child care. But the burden has fallen increasingly on women: When child care centers closed suddenly last year, many working mothers were forced to choose between raising — and providing for — their children. The emotional and financial strain is hard to compute, but experts predict the effects could last for years. 

Below, we’ll explore the “working mom phenomenon” and look at how Vivvi is helping mothers return to the workforce.

Child Care During COVID-19 For Returning to The Office

Some moms have been able to work from home while shouldering the brunt of child care. But even that “middle ground” comes with its own challenge: burnout. 

Others have put their careers on hold and are now eagerly waiting for the reopening of safe, reliable off-site child care.

Returning to a traditional work routine after spending months at home with kids can be daunting, but the right type of care can help ease that anxiety and improve your day-to-day life — at work and at home.

How Vivvi helps working parents return to work:

  • Flexible drop-off schedules.
  • 2, 3, and 5-day schedules
  • Convenient downtown NYC locations
  • Infant, toddler, and preschool programs engage children in The Vivvi Learning Model as young as 6 weeks old
  • In-Home program available beyond New York

Child Care for Parents Who Work From Home

As any parent who has tried it knows, working from home with the threat of Zoom-bombing children has its own challenges. In order to maintain focus during the workday without worrying whether your children are being cared for, families find all sorts of solutions, from daycare to nannies.

Benefits of Child Care When You’re Working From Home:

  • It establishes a routine for both you and your child
  • You’re able to focus on work.
  • It reduces the stress of juggling multiple responsibilities.
  • Children have enriching, educational experiences. 
  • You can savor more quality time together outside of work.

Choosing Between Child Care Centers and In-Home Care

Vivvi offers early childhood education centers and in-home options, each with its own benefits. 

Child Care and Early Learning Campuses in New York

Our campuses in downtown Manhattan have remained open throughout the pandemic, and we’ve implemented a comprehensive health and safety plan to keep parents, children, teachers, and administrators safe. (Read more about our Covid-19 procedures.

Additionally, our flexible programs are designed for working parents, especially as they strive to regain their footing and return to normalcy.

Vivvi’s child care centers allow you to: 

  • Return to work knowing your kids are being cared for.
  • Rest easy knowing that there are strict virus precautions in place. 
  • Give your child an enriching, developmentally appropriate experience to help children reach their milestones and develop their social and emotional skills.
  • Choose a program and schedule that suits your work schedule.

In-Home Child Care with Vivvi

Whether you work from home or spend all day at the office, Vivvi In-Home offers programming to help. Our warm, qualified teachers bring the Vivvi Learning Model right to you, and our centralized team supports curriculum development that takes an individualized approach. Children, in turn, get to experience a vast array of age- and developmentally appropriate lessons and activities in the place they happen to know best: their home. 

Vivvi In-Home Offers: 

  • The ability to stay put in a comfortable, safe, and familiar environment
  • Flexible programs to suit your schedule.
  • The full child care and Vivvi Learning Model experience without leaving your home.
  • Teachers who follow strict health and safety guidelines
  • The full range of supplies and materials.

To learn more about our In-Home program and New York City campuses, send us a note.

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