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Flushing The Misconceptions About Potty Training

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Ah, potty training: can’t live with it, can’t live without it. 

Undoubtedly, though, potty training is one of the biggest challenges parents face in the first few years of their children’s lives. 

In this article, we’ll debunk some common misconceptions about potty training and review how Vivvi works with parents to further their potty training goals and progress.

Common Misconceptions 

Myth: There’s an age limit for potty training

Potty training is just like any other developmental skill: Each child will learn it at his or her own pace. Some children will excel at using the bathroom before the age of two; others may struggle to fully grasp the concept and remain in diapers for several years longer.  However anxiety-ridden and frustrating the process feels at the time, just remember: With practice, patience, and lots of encouragement, children of all ages will eventually get it.

Myth: There’s no potty training at daycare or preschool

Potty training is a team sport, which is why it’s important for parents and child care providers to work together. In fact, the potty training process — and, yes, it’s a process — will often play a large role in your child’s early childhood education

Pee and poop happen! It’s normal for children, especially toddlers, to have accidents — something that doesn’t magically correct itself once they step foot inside a preschool. That’s why training during child care is not only common, but necessary and it’s why Vivvi teachers work hand-in-hand with parents to continue the potty training efforts at our campuses

Myth: No more diapers once you start potty training

Accidents happen, which is why many parents choose to use a combination of diapers and potties for the first few months or years.

The myth that there’s no turning back once you start potty training can be discouraging for parents and stressful for children. As a middle ground, some parents potty-train for daytime and keep their kids in diapers for naps and overnight sleeping. 

Myth: All children learn the same through star charts and stickers

Children perceive rewards in different ways. Some may thrive with encouragement like star charts and stickers;  others may feel like a representation of failure when they aren’t rewarded. 

Most young kids, however, love verbal praise from their parents, and there’s no shame in being your toddler’s personal champion. Encouraging words  can go a long way in positively reinforcing potty training. A simple, “great job; high five” will make your child feel great about their successes without shaming them for not hitting the mark.

Vivvi: Potty Training During Child Care

At Vivvi, there’s no age limit for potty training; it’s not a race. Our educators follow your child’s cues and work with your family’s needs to support the transition.

If you’d like to learn more about our potty training practices, and how we support families, please send us a note.

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