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How a Child Care Provider Can Shape Your Child’s Life for the Better

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Every parent wants to give their child the best possible opportunities in life. When it comes to choosing a child care provider, New York parents have many options. This article will explain the benefits of care and learning providers on your child’s future development. We’ll also look at how an active learning environment now can turn into a love of learning later in life. 

Child Care Providers: More Than Just a Babysitter

High-quality child care providers offer comprehensive care for your child, encouraging their emotional, physical, cognitive, and social development. They provide care that keeps children safe in an environment built for learning and building social skills. 

Care and learning providers also create a stimulating environment with highly trained educators offering various activities and opportunities to learn. Experienced early childhood educators create a learning environment based on the children’s interests. Because kids learn by doing, they’ll develop skills all while having fun. 

Impact of Child Care During The Early Years

So what’s the difference between a babysitter and a care and learning provider? Both keep kids safe, well cared for, and occupied while their parents are at work. Does a formal care and learning provider make that much of a difference? 

Here is what the experts have to say. Researchers in a new study  at the University of Virginia found that children at high-quality classroom-based preschools receive “significantly higher-quality care and have better reading and math skills than peers who receive informal childcare before kindergarten.”

And there’s more. According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, these early experiences with high-quality positive caregiving can affect kids for life. “Children who receive high-quality early education are less likely to fail future grades and more likely to graduate high school and go to college.” 

Benefits for Children

Research has shown that high-quality care and learning offer many long-lasting benefits for the children. Here are a few.

Better Emotionally Adjusted 

A study with the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found that children who attended a child care program fewer emotional and behavioral issues than kids in informal childcare. They also found these benefits lasted until the kids were into middle school. 

Improved Social Skills

In a child care campus, children interact with their peers and caregivers. They connect and learn critical social skills and also learn how to express themselves. Through play, they learn about cooperation, conflict resolution, and how to make friends – skills that will benefit them for life. 

Better Math and Reading Scores

Children who attend a formal childcare program have stronger reading and math skills going into kindergarten and are better prepared for school than children in informal daycare. 

May Lower the Risk of Cancer

A study in France looked at the incidence of childhood cancer and found that kids who attended child care were 30 % less likely to develop acute leukemias. This benefit could be because of the exposure to germs at a campus, stimulating their immune systems early on. 

More Likely to Get A College Degree

Researchers in the FPG Child Development Institute found that young children enrolled in high-quality early learning programs are four times more likely to earn a college degree and attend higher education much longer than their peers.  

What Benefits do Parents Receive?

Child care and early learning programs not only benefit the children that attend them but also their parents and families. Parents can benefit from many social, psychological, and financial rewards. Here are some benefits for parents you may not have considered:

Fewer illnesses when your child enters school

Although colds and sniffles are no fun for little ones, the germs and colds they are exposed to on campus will benefit them and you in the future. Research has shown that kids who attended care programs as babies have fewer earaches and sicknesses once they reach school. 

Friendships between other daycare parents

Many parents find a new network of support through other parents, and these small quick interactions at pick-up and drop-off can grow into lasting meaningful friendships. Even a brief interaction in the morning can connect you to the support of a community of parents working and caring for their kids. 

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you don’t need to worry about the quality of care your child is receiving or that you don’t need to stress about the babysitter canceling at the last minute is priceless. 

Job stability

Regular, dependable child care means that working parents can concentrate on their jobs, knowing that someone else is looking after their little ones. This security and stability help parents work better and take on more stable and financially beneficial work. 

Vivvi: A Milestone For New York Families

Study after study has shown that high-quality child care offers the most benefits for the development of young children. Vivvi’s care and learning programs are designed with your child and your family in mind. Our spaces are open, light-filled rooms created for children to explore. The design is an open concept and built to be just the right size for your child. 

Our teachers are highly trained experts with years of experience and a passion for encouraging children’s curiosity and skill development. To find out more, sign up for one of our online open houses to experience Vivvi for yourself. You’ll have a chance to ask questions, meet the staff, and tour our campuses. 

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