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Joie de Vivvi


Halloween for Preschoolers & School Age Children

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As children get older, Halloween is right up their alley.  It’s a day when their fantasies can be lived in real time.  Check out our ideas below, and before you begin to plan, get your children involved, as they likely have some fun ideas of their own!

Halloween Countdown:  A visual countdown helps children develop a sense of security and self-discipline (and supports early math skills!) while getting excited for a special event.  Create a simple calendar and hang it at child-level.  Each day, draw pictures, use stickers or a marker to count down the days!

Transform any space:  Children love small spaces, so don’t feel pressure to take over your entire house with halloween decorations. A closet, corner of a room or even a big box can become a different world with just a few changes:

– Use pumpkins, gourds or leaves, pine cones and branches you’ve collected from a walk in the park.  

– Construction paper or old cardboard, tissue paper and some tape/glue can make jack o’lanterns and silly skulls to line your walls or hang from the ceiling. 

– Cover flashlights with colored tissue paper to create that spooky glow.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt & Trick or Treating: What better way to start the day than with a scavenger hunt of Halloween artifacts.  You can print photos of the objects hidden, shut off the lights and with flashlights search for the Halloween treasures.  Add a trick or treat element by hiding candy or snacks with each treasure.

Host a virtual Halloween costume contest: Dressing up is one of the best parts of Halloween, and you can still show off your costumes during a group call! Challenge your kids to create their own costumes using items they have at home, and organize a contest for specific categories, like funniest, most colorful, most unique, etc.

Halloween Movie: This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, a great day for movies.  You know your children best and  the amount of scariness your children can handle.  A few of our favorite movies recommendations include:  “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” “Monsters Inc.,”  “Coco,”  “Winnie The Pooh and the Heffalumpen” and “Curious George, a Halloween BooFest”

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