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Nesting Before Baby Arrives: Top Signs You’ve Entered This Pregnancy Stage

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Nesting is an important part of pregnancy and usually signals that you are getting ready for your baby to be born. This ‘nesting’ instinct is natural and is essentially a pre-labor ritual that all mothers experience. In this post, we’ll talk about when you can expect nesting to happen and the most distinctive signs of this pregnancy stage. 

What is Nesting During Pregnancy? 

If you’re not familiar with nesting, it’s just another part of the weird world of “phases” that you go through during pregnancy. More specifically, nesting refers to the urge many expectant mothers feel to organize and clean during their third trimester. This isn’t an isolated incident either – over 70% of moms reported going through nesting! 

During the nesting phase, you’ll have an urge to clean, organize and prepare for your new arrival. Nesting before babies arrive can also encompass the urge to study childcare and learn as much as you can. 

Nesting before babies is a perfectly natural response. Animals throughout nature experience changes in behavior and mood right before giving birth. Many species, including humans, want to create the best possible environment for their children to arrive in. 

While nesting is a biological drive, it’s important to note that it’s not any kind of a medical condition. There’s no real connection between nesting and the start of labor – though once you start nesting in your third trimester, your new arrival may not be far off! 

When Does Nesting Start? 

There’s no hard or fast answer as to the question of “when does nesting start”. Some women have reported nesting starting up as early as five months into their pregnancy. Generally, however, the third trimester is when nesting starts to show itself. 

It typically will last throughout the third trimester, right up until birth. Of course, organization and home care after a baby arrives are perfectly natural as well.

Nesting Signs: How to Know When You’ve Reached This Stage of Pregnancy

Mood swings and changes in energy level are part and parcel of taking the journey of pregnancy. But how do you know when you’re entering into a nesting phase? If you’re curious, there are a few signs that are dead giveaways. 

Intense Desire to Clean

Even if you were a clean freak before, when you’re in the midst of nesting, you’re going to be on a crusade against dirt and dust. Your instincts are going to be telling you that any piece of grime could be a bacteria threat to your offspring and has gotta go with deep cleaning.

Building the Nest

Shopping sprees are a less covered nesting sign, but you are going to start worrying about all the things you might not have. Anything baby-related (or even un-baby-related stuff) is going to feel absolutely necessary.

The focal point of this is going to be the nursery, so don’t be surprised if you go nuts on renovating it in expectation of your baby. But expect to feel the need to rework your furniture all across your home – you need to make the nest perfect after all.

One of the biggest fixations for many women, oddly enough, seems to be clothes, linen, and towels. Maybe this is a natural instinct where a need develops to fixate on things that look like they could make a nice nest? Expect to be doing way more laundry than you need.

The Great Decluttering

During your nesting phase, you should expect to be putting Marie Kondo to shame. Anything loose or without a home is going to start looking like a choking hazard. If you don’t know where everything is at every exact moment, it may drive you nuts. 

Wacky Energy Levels

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly wake up at 5 am in the morning with your nesting instincts firing off like crazy. A heightened or irregular burst of energy is a pretty standard nesting sign. This is one sign you’ll have to pre-warn your partner about. 

Ride the Nesting Instinct Wave

The nesting instinct can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, you can rely on the knowledge that plenty of women have gone through it before you. As an expectant parent, you should view the nesting instinct as a powerful tool of motherhood that you can harness. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using your nesting instinct in a constructive manner

Try to use your nesting tip to pre plan everything for after you bring your baby home. One thing many mothers forget is the food. Try to make sure that you have only fresh food in your fridge, and do as much pre-cooking as you can before you go into labor. This will leave plenty of your favorite leftovers to enjoy as you take care of your new child.

When nesting, it’s also important to take care of yourself. Baby clothes are important, sure – but do you have loose and comfortable clothes for breastfeeding? Making sure you have all the proper baby supplies is great, but do you have everything you need to stay comfy?

It’s also important to not let your nesting instinct put you or your baby in danger. Heavy moving of furniture and other renovations are not things high on the list of what you should be doing during your third trimester. Make sure that you reach out to friends and family to give you the support you need. Make your nesting instinct work for you, not against you! 

Prepare For Your New Arrival With Vivvi

The nesting instinct is all about getting everything ready and perfect for after your baby arrives. This doesn’t just include purchasing the things that your baby will need but also making sure that you are already in touch with the services and support you’ll need as the parent of a new child.

Vivvi is here to help when it comes to childhood development and care. We’re dedicated to helping parents make the most of the vital first years of their child’s lives. If your nesting instinct is driving you to start making plans, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help you start planning for your family’s future!

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