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Tips for Traveling Safely this Holiday Season

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At this time, the CDC advises that travel increases your chance of getting and spreading the virus that causes covid-19, and staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others.  For those who are choosing to travel during the holiday season, we’ve compiled some best practices.  

Precautions to take while traveling in a car:

– Wear a mask outside of the car when you cannot achieve social distancing – minimize touching your mask, face etc and throw out disposable masks once they’ve been used.

– Wash your hands after touching common surfaces like a gas pump, door handles, bathroom stalls, etc.

– Stock up on clean masks, sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer to have for use in the car and where you’re headed. (Don’t assume your destination will be stocked up on fresh supplies!)

– Minimize the stops you make on your way to/from a destination.

– Pack snacks, drinks and plenty of things to keep everyone busy during the trip. (If you’re a parent, you’ve already mastered this!)

Precautions during family gatherings:

– You’re most at risk when you’re spending time around people with less than six feet of distance for more than 10 minutes. So, now’s the time to get creative with seating arrangements – spread out (utilize the couch for dinner as a “special treat.”) 

– Limit interactions with family members or friends over 65, or anyone with an existing condition or compromised immune system. Wearing masks in these situations is a big help in keeping safe.

– Discourage buffet-style eating and choose one person to serve (Everyone should be chipping in on chores anyway, right?)

– Consider mailing gifts or other packages to your destination ahead of time

Other things to consider:

– Before you travel, check with your employer about potential quarantine after traveling, which can determine how and when you will be away from work.

– Self-monitor for symptoms, especially when you come back from hotspots.

– If you can, get tested a day or two before the actual gathering for peace of mind (and ask others you will see to get tested as well.)

– If you need to social distance or wear masks while you are visiting relatives, talk to your children first about what to expect and so they can prepare for the change.
Travel restrictions vary by state – make sure you are aware of the rules for residents and visitors alike.

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