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COVID-19: When Can I Safely Re-Enroll My Toddler in Child Care?

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As vaccines become more widespread and parents start to go back to the office, a big question looms: When is it safe to send kids back to child care?

Vivvi’s campuses in downtown New York City have remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And we’ve implemented comprehensive procedures to keep you, your child, and our teachers and staff safe. Learn more about our Health and Safety plan in the infographic below.

If you’re ready for onsite child care, we welcome you to join us. But if not, we understand that too! 

In this article, we’ll run through what child care may look like as vaccines roll out, and how Vivvi is making your family’s transition safe and easy.

Enrolling With Child Care Providers Post-Vaccine

Child care has always been personal, but the pandemic has made an already-hard decision even harder — after all, no two families’ circumstance or comfort level is alike. 

For the parents ready to send their kids back to child care this spring, there are clear benefits: 

  • Vaccines will be more widely available to the public. 
  • Higher-risk individuals and frontline workers will have already gotten their shots.
  • Daily infections should be trending downward. 

Other parents who need child care now, but are still concerned about the virus may decide to wait until summer or fall before enrolling their child in a child care center. 

 Vivvi In-Home is the perfect middle ground; educators come to your home to care for your children. Schedules are full or part-time, and our teachers are virus-tested regularly. Vivvi In-Home is available to children ages 0 to 5 years old in metropolitan areas across the country.

How to Prepare Your Kids For a Return to Child Care

Talk It Out: After so much time alone, your child may feel nervous about being around other kids. Help them by talking to them; explain the changes coming their way. Chat excitedly about how much fun they’ll have at their day care center. You can also discuss the Covid protocols that will be hard to ignore, like temperature checks and masks. Help ease them into these changes early, so they aren’t surprised by anything going into their new routine.

Routine, Routine, Routine: Children thrive when they have a consistent routine, and Covid has tested many families’ ability to keep a regular daily schedule at home. If you’re ready to re-enroll with a child care provider, start adjusting your child’s schedule early;  get on the right nap schedule and establish normal meal times. Earlier wake-up times and planned-out lunches will help your child get into their new rhythm. This is also a great time to introduce infants and toddlers to new foods, utensils and anything else that will factor into mealtimes at school. 

Getting ready for a new child care routine may seem stressful, but a little prep goes a long way in ensuring a safe transition — for you and your child alike. Whether you’re ready to re-enroll immediately or want to wait a few months, it’s never too early to start planning.

Vivvi’s Health and Safety Plan

If you’re ready to enroll in child care, we’d love to welcome you to one of our three campuses; Tribeca and World Trade Center are currently open and Hudson Yards is opening soon. Read all about our health-and-safety plan here, and send us an email ( to get in touch. 

At Vivvi, health and safety are our top priority. When you’re considering a return to school or child care, we want you to feel secure in making the right choice for your family. You can access our plan using this form, and reach out to us anytime at with any questions.”

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