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Raising Kids in NYC: Here’s What Newcomers Really Need to Know

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Will you be raising kids in NYC? These are the top tips that all newcomers should be aware of before moving to New York with kids.

Is your family planning on moving to New York City? Whether for work or a new family adventure, moving to NYC can be exciting. As parents, though, you may want to consider what it will be like raising kids in NYC.

From deciding which family-friendly neighborhoods you should be looking at to finding an early learning program for your child, we’ve gathered everything you need to know if you’re moving to New York with kids. Ready to start planning your move to the Big Apple?

What it is Like Raising Kids in NYC: From a New Yorker

Moving to another city with your kids in tow will always bring a mixture of emotions with it. It’s completely normal to feel a little anxious as you get ready to transition to a new place, especially when that place is one of the biggest cities in the world! 

But, you’ll soon find that raising a family in NYC also offers many advantages for young families. These benefits include plenty of green spaces, culture, and diversity at every turn, local parent meet-up groups, and a large selection of early childhood education programs.

NYC Moving Guide: What You Need to Research

The key to raising kids in NYC is understanding how to make the most of the available opportunities for young families, so do your research before making the big move. Getting advice from people raising kids in New York is one of the best ways to help ease your mind. That’s why we asked some of the most seasoned New York parents we know: the Vivvi team. 

Here are their top tips for moving to NYC – especially if you are a young family. 

Look for Family-Friendly NYC Neighborhoods

Before you decide to move, the first thing you need to do is research which NYC neighborhoods are considered the best for families. While the city may seem more of a haven for young professionals, there are plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods for you to choose from.

Make sure that you ask yourself what criteria are most important to you when picking a neighborhood. 

These criteria will differ between families. Maybe for your family, having a playground nearby is a must. Or, perhaps you want to live close to a subway station. Once you know this, you can start your search. 

Although there are plenty of New York City areas suited for families, narrowing these neighborhoods down can often be tricky. Here are a few family-friendly NYC neighborhoods to get you started: 

  • Upper West Side, Manhattan
  • Battery Park City, NYC
  • Tribeca, NYC
  • Park Slope, Brooklyn
  • Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
  • Astoria, Queens

These neighborhoods have excellent early learning programs, public and private schools, and socializing opportunities for parents and kids. 

But don’t get too hung up on these specific neighborhoods as you make your move; there are so many child-friendly places in NYC, and you’re bound to fall in love with your neighborhood no matter where you move.

Find Out What Early Learning Programs & Childcare Options Are On Offer

Suppose you are planning on raising kids in NYC. In that case, you will need to consider what early learning programs and child care options are available in your neighborhood. 

We’ve spoken before about the best way to choose a childcare option for your family and the preschool checklist you should consider when talking to early learning centers. Knowing what options are available to your family will help you prepare for the move. And will also set your child up for a bright educational future. 

Explore School Options in NYC

Are you planning to move to NYC long-term? Then looking at different schools is a necessity before making the big move. Regardless of whether your child is at kindergarten age or not, understanding how the school system works in NYC will help you know what to expect. 

In New York City, there are several options for schooling, including public schools, private schools, charter schools, and religious schools. There are also zoned schools, which offer priority to the local community. Remember, applications to reserve a space for your child in a school can begin in preschool. If your child is nearing this age, you must prepare in advance.

Choose a Pediatrician 

Many parents forget to research a pediatrician for their child when moving to a new city. Making a move to NYC will mean finding new general practitioners for your family. 

While this shouldn’t be a problem, it can be helpful to talk with a few pediatricians in or near the neighborhood you’ll be living in before you move. Understanding their child care philosophy and if they accept insurance can help you make a decision. 

Read our list of the top questions to ask a pediatrician to help you during your search. 

Find Kid-Friendly Activities Nearby

Lastly, researching the kid-friendly activities available in New York City will help you make plans for activities that you can do as a family on weekends. 

Having a list of activities already researched will be helpful during the first few weeks of a move. Not only will these activities create plenty of unforgettable memories for your family, but they are a great way to introduce your kids to the city. After all, this is now their home too. 

Thankfully New York City is brimming with excellent opportunities for kids of all ages. From activity clubs such as gymnastics or drama to play date groups and so much more, you’ll never run out of activity ideas. And because New York is full of so many diverse and cultural communities, you can expose your little one to all walks of life as you have fun around town!

Explore Vivvi’s New York Early Learning Campuses

If you’ll soon be raising kids in NYC, the Vivvi team would like to invite you to explore our early learning campuses in New York City. With campuses in three locations and an in-home early learning option, there is a child care option to suit every family’s needs. 

Our early learning program encourages children to explore various aspects of early development through a mixture of curiosity and guidance from our early childhood educators. With a flexible drop-off and pick-up service, our team is here to help support your family through your child’s early years. 

Contact us today to learn more about Vivvi or book a virtual tour of our NYC campuses.

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